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Create-A-Class (Point Allocation)

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Create-A-Class (Point Allocation)

Post  LegendOfOtaku on Thu Jun 28, 2012 2:01 am

I thought I'd post this here just incase any of ya'll hadn't heard this already because I think it's pretty big news and something to look forward to in Black Ops 2.

So apparently they are scrapping the current Create-A-Class system and changing it to a Point Allocation system.

I'll try to explain how this'll work. Some of you probably already know because I believe other fps games have used a system like this before.

But anyway... everyone will have like 10 points (or something) and then anything you want to buy will cost points.

For example:
1x Assault Rifle (Costs 2 Points)
1x Red Dot Sight (Costs 1 Point)

1x Pistol (Costs 1 Point)

1x Frag Grenade (Costs 1 Point)
1x Flash Grenade (Costs 1 Point)

1x Dead Silence (Costs 2 Points)
1x Sleight Of Hand (Costs 2 Points)

With this new system you'd have to be careful about what you buy.
So if you want 2 primaries then you'll probably have to give up a perk/equipment or something else.

If you feel like you never need your equipment then don't pick any and spend those points on some extra perks/attachments that you want.

Want to go knifing only? Then don't pick any weapons so you can have 5 perks and then pick up a weapon after you get a kill.

Hate switching to your pistol when you run out of ammo? Don't use a secondary and spend those points on the Scavenger perk.

Etc, etc.

Anyway, lets hope this is balanced so there aren't people running around with a Rocket Launcher and 8 Frags. Evil or Very Mad

(Btw, these aren't the exact points of how things cost or anything, this is just how I expect it'll be like based on what I've heard)

Maybe certain perks/weapons could cost more points to balance some weapons out?
MP7 (3 Points)
P90 (2.5 Points)
MP5 (2 Points)

Assassin (2.5 Points)
Quickdraw (2 Points)
Steady Aim (1.5 Points)

I think it'll be pretty cool and could make for some interesting setups.
Definitely looking forward to seeing exactly how this will be.

(Excuse the long ass post)
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Re: Create-A-Class (Point Allocation)

Post  welfarejunkie on Thu Jun 28, 2012 7:59 am

that sounds like a good ideal more perks less shit you dont need lol
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Re: Create-A-Class (Point Allocation)

Post  Blinq x Reloadz on Thu Jun 28, 2012 1:48 pm

sounds good, but would be a pain in the ass if the click the wrong gun/perk
Blinq x Reloadz
Blinq x Reloadz
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Re: Create-A-Class (Point Allocation)

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