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My favorite Loadout

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My favorite Loadout

Post  SteelAce on Thu Jun 07, 2012 1:56 am

Loadout 1

MP7 - Rapid Fire & Silencer

Flash / Frag

Slight of Hand Pro
Quickdraw Pro
Steady Aim Pro

Support - UAV, Adv UAV, Stealth Bomber

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Re: My favorite Loadout

Post  Baldwinnn on Thu Jun 07, 2012 10:20 pm

not a bad combination, but take off the rapid fire, and put on range, and silencer on it, its alot easier to control instead of it bouncing around when you shoot over distances

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Re: My favorite Loadout

Post  uN kAMo 47 o12o on Sun Jun 10, 2012 7:07 am

With the MP7 you don't have to worry about bounce. First of all it is lightweight and the ammunition is smaller secondly it is a submachine gun. Unless you are looking for stealth you really don't need to suppressor. If you look at the stats when you add Range there is not much difference. I suggest focus so there is less bounce when ever you take damage and extended mags. A gun with little bounce and powerful little bullets can do work to a large group if you have enough ammo.
uN kAMo 47 o12o
uN kAMo 47 o12o
The Sexy Owner

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Re: My favorite Loadout

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