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My Assualt Loadout

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My Assualt Loadout

Post  N1NEF0LD on Thu Jun 07, 2012 1:14 am

Name:The Siegebreaker

MP7 With Extended Mags And Rapid Fire
MP9 With Extended Mags
Slight Of Hand pro
Quickdraw pro
Steady Aim pro
Support Strike Pack = UAV - AUAV - EMP

Death Streak = Juicy Juicy


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Re: My Assualt Loadout

Post  LegendOfOtaku on Thu Jun 07, 2012 11:35 am

Hey. Wouldn't Scavenger be a better Slot 1 Perk if you have Extended Mags? :s

Then you'd have enough ammo to not need a backup Machine Pistol and you could use something different as a secondary weapon like a Stinger to get your support bonuses faster.

I don't think the MP7 reloads slow enough to give Sleight of Hand much use.

Well that's just how I run SMG/AR classes. Sleight of Hand always seemed like a wasted slot in MW3 for me now that it doesn't help you ADS faster like in BO/MW2.


Anyway, I'm not criticizing your loadout and I realise it's an assault class so SoH is helpful, but I still feel like Scavenger would be better, even more so if you use a Throwing Knife.

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